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Founded on 17 years of geological consulting service by Edward H. Davies (Ph.D., P.Geol.), and associates to the petroleum industry, comprising domestic and international government, industrial and research.

Dr. Ed Davies specializes in creative sequence stratigraphic and palynological applications.

Integrating other geological disciplines, seismic interpretation, to solve exploration and development stratigraphic problems ranging from regional inter-basinal correlation necessary in new exploration areas to high resolution reservoir correlations of reservoir sands essential to production development.

Brant Biostrat has world-wide expertise and maintains working associations with other paleontologists across the Americas.

Studies provide fully documented data on detailed biostratigraphic correlations, sequence calibration, biosequences, depositional environments and source rock potential.

  • Assemblage descriptions, occurrence charts, data files
  • Video or photomicrographs can also be supplied
  • Easily integrated with pre-existing or future data

Final reports enhanced by high quality computer graphics provide all basic data and interpretation to the client. An expedient comprehensive service is provided within a controlled environment and the short time-frame demanded by the highly competitive petroleum industry.

Branta Biostrat emphasizes innovative techniques combined with close client liaison and a timely manner.

In recognition of the value to the clients' best interests we strive to provide prompt, effective and comprehensive biostratigraphical and geological services.

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